The Implantology is an area of dentistry that is dedicated to the rehabilitation of missing teeth, through the placement of dental implants. Allows an oral rehabilitation using implant-fixed prostheses or overdentures.

The implant treatment is essential to improve masticatory function, esthetics and phonetics, which, in addition to increasing self-esteem, may be decisive in the social integration of the individual.

What are the benefits of placing dental implants?

1. Decrease the burden on the remaining teeth

As you are losing teeth, the remaining teeth must withstand all the forces of chewing, suffering an overload, which can shorten its useful life. With implants, we can replace lost teeth, not only at aesthetic level, but also at a functional level.

2. Stop resorption or bone loss

When one or more lost teeth, starts a process of resorption of bone, in many cases, accelerated by the pressure of removable dentures (to put on and take off). By placing implants, we also hang bone resorption, whose functional and aesthetic consequences can become dramatic.

3. Improving dental function

Allows us to replace removable dentures (to put on and take off) by fixed teeth, improving the function as well as the aesthetics of our smile. Allows to restore teeth without having to wear natural teeth, allowing us to chew, smile and talk normally.

4. Improve the aesthetics and function

Dental prosthesis over implants, have a size, shape and color, compatible with our own teeth. The major advantage is that the final result is totally natural. The prosthesis is not seen as an artificial element, and patients with implants, can laugh, chew and speak quite naturally. From a functional standpoint, dental implants are exactly the same as natural teeth, they allow chew with all the comfort, smile, speak and feel the same security that we feel with our natural teeth.